New pattern for my coming exhibition in Taipei, Taïwan. I did the illustration for the new Max le Daron Summer mix for Do Androids Dance. Check it out, a full mix of dancehall riddim and others tropical goodness! Thumbs Up for the use of a Donkey Kong Country tune. Listen to it here! Randoald from Jan & Randoald bought me two pieces of my ceramic and did a ceramic plant for his children (so the plant will never died). Loving the idea! A lil preview of my next exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan from the 1 August till 31 August. More informations soon! Have a good weekend !
tim colmant Tim 2014 Bowling Agency contacts me to do the logo & identity/gif of “Circus Zonder Handen”. A circus school for children and young teenager. Was fun project, thanks Veerle & Tuur! Another illustration for Angie Agency (Paris) Illustration for Angie Agency (Paris) Here is the illustration I made for Tan Lines 2.
Buy it here, riso print!
Also be sure to check all the others artists, some crazy others illustration by all those cool people.
Thanks again Clay Hickson!
(Limited edition of 50) Dj Mellow (Low Up) and I pick some grime instrumental tunes, then he did the mix and I did the cover.
Listen to it here! Nathalie Du Pasquier tribute pattern 11 Hello guys, was really busy those days & it will continue still a few weeks… but I will make more things really soon so stay tuned!
Have a nice day/evening! I work recently on this flyer for the US tour of Slum Village & The Pharcyde, two really cool bands that I love, so I feel really lucky. Huge thanks to John for contacting me for this one! This one is for all the old school rap cats! Stones & Lines 03 A new pattern for you!
Nathalie Du Pasquier tribute pattern 10